The Xena Project is a 501(c)3 organization founded and run by veterans.  We facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing for veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and families in both group and individual formats, in a safe, tranquil environment rooted in nature.  In addition to the ministry that is our foundation, we offer animal encounters, counseling (peer-led, pastoral, licensed professional), small groups, and family reunification programs. We also run specialized programs for homebound veterans and justice-impacted veterans, including weekly services in Fort Bend County Jail and support of Fort Bend County Veterans Treatment Court.

The Xena Project is headquartered on a privately owned ranch in Beasley, Texas (west of Houston), with events and activities at Simonton, Fulshear, and Richmond/Rosenberg. In 2019 The Xena Project opened it's first charter in San Angelo, Texas, serving the Concho Valley.

The Xena Project is focused on filling voids in service, and breaking down barriers that keep warriors from a vibrant life as contributing members of their communities.  In practice, this means that our programs are free, and we challenge ourselves daily to become maximally accessible.  It means group studies that talk about violence, fear, guilt, lack of faith, and anger.  It means meeting warriors where they are, whether isolated in their own homes, struggling to recover from addiction, in or newly out of jail, or falling through the cracks of daily life.

We look forward to welcoming you.



The Xena Project was founded in 2013 by Navy veteran Jan Shultis, following a deployment to Afghanistan embedded with a detention operations task force and the Rule of Law Field Force-Afghanistan. The Xena Project gained 501(c)3 recognition in August 2014, and commenced operation that fall. During 2015 – 2017, The Xena Project worked tirelessly to identify and quantify areas of unmet need in the veteran community in Fort Bend and surrounding counties. As patterns emerged, the team tackled the unceasing logistical challenges of finding, attracting, and serving veterans with mental and behavioral health challenges, isolated in rural areas, or with specialized service-related challenges.

In 2017 The Xena Project launched a faith-based arm of programs, at veteran request, supported entirely by local churches and private donors. Also in 2017, The Xena Project expanded to welcome law enforcement officials (LEO) and first responders – after three years of teaching de-escalation of force to law enforcement officials, LEOs started asking where they could find similar services for themselves. None existed, so The Xena Project expanded. In 2018 The Xena Project has grown again and is working heavily in the justice sector, wrapping around warrior families during their greatest time of need and as close as possible to the foundational source of unhealthy behavior, with the objective of facilitating healthy, stable, effective re-integration into our shared community.

Headquartered in Beasley, Texas, with programs offered at additional area locations, The Xena Project is now a flagship for warriors in the local community and a recognized expert in facilitating healing for trauma-affected warriors. The Xena Project shares their methods and approach on an increasingly large state, including regular training on de-escalation of force to law enforcement throughout the greater Houston area and the State, in legislative efforts that impact the State, and in the creation of training materials that will soon be available to any organization seeking guidance.